Happy Halloween from David, the calf!

Happy Halloween!  We celebrated by taking David to the Goblin Walk in San Carlos, where kids trick-or-treat down Laurel Street.  David went as a calf, and I (not surprisingly) went as a burp cloth.  David also enjoyed some great quality time with Grammy and Grandpa Don, who flew in from Georgia for the weekend.  I think that Grammy and Grandpa Don enjoyed their time with David, too, and they even got new walking shoes while they were in town!
Our calf

David generously sharing his costume with Dad

David, tuckered out from all the trick-or-treating
Grandpa Don and Mini-Me

Grammy and David reading about fish

David showing Grammy how to hold a bottle

David and Dad going for a walk

A Halloween Preview!

Happy Halloween (…a week early)
For Halloween this year, David is going to be a cow.  His costume was really big on him when I first got it a month ago.  It’s still big – but it’s amazing how much better it fits him now.  He showed it off at my work’s Halloween party on Friday where he got to meet several other babies.  (Apparently, there was something in the water.)
In addition to being patient while I dress him up, David has also found he purpose in life: to try to fit his whole hand into his mouth.  He hasn’t succeeded yet, but he did once manage to accidentally stick his finger up his nose which scared him.
He’s also started showing more of an interest in books.  In particular, he’s grown very fond of this fish book – he loves to look at the pictures.  I can’t wait until he can actually understand what I’m reading to him.

David’s First Hike

Today, Chris, David, and I went on a hike at our neighborhood park, Edgewood.  David pretty much slept the whole time, but Chris and I really enjoyed the fresh air and great weather.  I hope this will be the first of many more hikes to come.
Proof that David was actually with us

Thanks, Chris, for carrying David the whole way

View from the top

The only part of David that could be seen: his legs

Happy 2 Month Birthday, Baby David!

Today is David’s two month birthday!  We’re all doing well, though David did have his first fever this weekend.  (He got his vaccinations at his 8 week check-up.)  He’s nice and chubby – up to the 75th percentile in weight now!  (He was at the 25th when he was born.)  Here are some pics of the little guy.

This past weekend, Chris, David, and I went to the NICU reunion at the park across from the hospital.  David slept through the whole thing, but Chris and I enjoyed getting out of the apartment and the fresh air.  It was also great to catch up with some of the nurses who took such good care of David back in August.  They had a really cool fire truck, too.