Grandparents, climbing, and fever

This week Grammy and Grandpa Don came to visit David from Georgia.  He LOVED playing with them and showing off his climbing skills.  Lately, he’s been climbing on EVERYTHING … the couch, the chairs, any boxes he can find, the stairs … pretty much anything he can find.  Unfortunately, David caught a cold/flu towards the end of Grammy and Grandpa Don’s trip.  We’re hoping his fever will break soon, and he’ll start to feel better.
Playing with Grandpa Don
More playing with Grandpa Don

Showing Grammy and Grandpa Don how to use the ipad
Looking out the window with Grammy
Sitting on Grammy’s lap

Climbing over a box

Trying to climb up the kitchen drawers
Showing off his google onesie

Eating sweet potato (note the sweet potato over his eye)

Just being cute

Sleeping on the floor (poor sick baby)

He’s got places to go and things to do!

“Oh, that kid’s toy looks nice … I think I’ll try to eat it.”
“Mmm … this leaf is yummy”
“My fleece looks just like Daddy’s”
“Why eat puffs when you can wear them?”
“I’m standing!”
“I picked up my playmat.”
“Mmm … paper towels.”
“I’m sitting on box!”
“Playing with Daddy is fun!”
“A little help please?  I’m stuck.”

Please, sir, may I have more?

David has begun eating solid foods in earnest.  We’re trying baby-lead weaning, which can be summarized as “let David put whatever he wants into his mouth.”  Needless to say, David has readily adopted this philosophy.

“Hmm, I like puffed sweet potato!”

“Green beans are awesome!”

“Shoe laces taste a little … stringy.”

He’s also grown quite a bit in the past month.  Unofficially, we’ve weight David at 21.5 lbs!  Here’s our little Buddha showing off his well-marbled physique:

And last, but not least, David’s adventurous spirit is really blossoming.  A week ago, he mastered the “roll-over-and-sit-up” technique.  A few days ago, he began pulling himself up on furniture, holding on with only a single hand.  Then tonight, he discovered the stairs … and proceeded to climb all the way to the top landing!  Definitely absorbed some of that Kiwi spirit from New Zealand!

Needless to say, the baby gates are going in tomorrow.

The baby by the bay

Today, we met some the Donovans and the Jacksons up in San Francisco marking David’s first trip to the Ferry Building.  As you can see below, he spent the time crawling on his blanket and climbing on his dad.

In the last week, David has completely mastered crawling and sitting.  He’s also started to pull himself up on things (note the pampers box below.)  Sometimes, he’ll even “walk,” pushing the box along with him.  He’s also started to eat chunks of solid food, since doesn’t seem too fond of purees.  Most of the food ends up on the floor, but he has fun in the process.

In other news, we have a raccoon that keeps getting into our recycling and trash.  As such, we’ve had to move the recycling and trash to our dining room table.