Backyard Baby

David has been enjoying the unseasonably hot weather we’re having.  Yesterday, we took him to Burton park.  Although all of the playground equipment was too hot for climbing, David met a friend who played with him.  The two boys crawled around chasing each other … it was adorable!

Today, we set David up in the backyard with a little inflatable pool.  He had a blast!  (I’m sure you can tell by the photos below.)

David has also been playing inside … he never sits still and is ALWAYS into something.  In addition, he’s hit two milestones recently: pointing and listening to me when I tell him “no.”  Here are a few pics of the little guy.
Eating (quite literally) the paper towels

Playing with Mom’s iPhone
Knocking over his play mat

Begging Dad to take him for a walk

Playing with Dad

Mmmm, OJ!

Last night, we went out for burritos to celebrate Chris’ birthday.  As a special surprise, the taqueria gave us fresh squeezed orange juice in honor of Chris.  As you can see below, David enthusiastically tried it, though I think he got more on his jacket than he did in his mouth.

He does stand!

… And we have photographic evidence!  I’m not sure if you can tell in the photo, but there really is a gap between the dishwasher and David.  He only has enough balance to stand for a few seconds, but he’s really working on it!

And he keeps getting bigger!

David is still growing really fast.  According to Chris, he actually stood unassisted!  I haven’t seen it, but I hope to soon.  In the meantime, here are a few of David’s recent activities.

Touching the blue frog

Playing with pots and pans

Exploring the refrigerator
Playing with Dad (and his favorite toy – his boobie bracelet)


Playing with his new best friend, Gus (who happens to be a very talented singer!)