He walks!

We were finally able to get some video of the little guy walking!  (Please excuse the red stains on his shirt … he really enjoyed the strawberry samples at the farmer’s market earlier tonight.)

David took his first steps!

Over the weekend, David took his first unassisted steps!  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to capture the little guy’s new skill on camera, yet.  In the meantime, here’s a video of David hysterically laughing at Chris.  Enjoy!

Fun Run!

As part of the San Carlos Hometown Days, the Rotary Club sponsors a 5K / 10K Fun Run each year.  I usually forget about it until I’m running for exercise on a Sunday morning and happen to have ~500 “friends” joining me.  But this year, we remembered early enough to actually register!  I ran the 5K, pushing David in the stroller, while Kate provided encouragement and picture-taking.

Getting ready for our walk to the start of the race

So many people, so many dogs, so much stuff to try to eat!

Some pre-race excitement

At the half way point

Only a few hundred feet from the finish, this was a forced smile!
(Note the family in the background, eating breakfast in their pajamas.)

Helping dad stretch 

A post-race orange (or three)

Our official time was 25:32, taking 6th place in my age division (30-39, ouch!)  We were 65th overall, with the majority in front of us being a bunch of teenage cross country runners.

UPDATE: I looked through the rest of the age divisions, and David actually came in 1st place for the 0-2 age group, beating the next best time by almost 3 minutes!

San Carlos Hometown Days

Today we took David to his first San Carlos Hometown Days celebration.  He’s still a little too young for most of the festivities, but he got to enjoy the petting zoo and some quality time with dad (i.e., being thrown in the air.)

Earlier this week, we had David’s 9 month well-check.  He’s 28.5 inches long and weighs 23.25 pounds.  This puts him in the 50th and 75th percentiles for height and weight, respectively.  The doctor said he’s doing great and meeting all of his milestones (well, except for sleeping through the night …)  Here are few random pictures of the little bugger from this week.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, Katie Donovan and I enjoyed a bit of a reprieve from our mothering duties.  Her Chris and my Chris (yes, that’s right, both couples are named “Katie and Chris”) took our boys to the park, while we indulged in some girl time.  (Thank you Chris and Chris!!)  I know David had an incredible time playing with Jacob and Alex … I’m pretty sure he wanted to go home with them.  He really loved having two other boys around.

Chris and Chris taking the boys (what a beautiful site!)

David and dog #1

David and dog #2

David playing in the water

Chris with his hands full

Katie and Alex
A few days ago, David finger painted Mother’s Day cards for the wonderful mother’s in our lives.  Here are some pictures of the little artist.  Thank you to the moms that support us!

Nerd Night

Tonight we took David to the Silicon Valley Cisco Users Group (SVCUG), which has been affectionately nicknamed nerd night.  Although Chris used to go frequently, he hasn’t been in … well … 9 months.  It’s too bad that we waited so long to take David, because he LOVED it.  Here are some highlights:

“Woah, this is huge!”

“Mmm, Dad, your hair is yummy.”

“I see your point, Luis, but I’m just not convinced that this is the most efficient configuration.”

“I’m out to win this crawling race!”

“Alex, can I drink from your water bottle?”

“Thanks for a great night, Dan!”


David slept through the night last night!!  He actually slept from 9 pm to 6:15 am without waking in between.  I’m not sure that Chris believes me, but we’re both happy to be well rested regardless.  Here are a few pics of the little guy celebrating with some apple sauce for breakfast.

Babbling and baths

David has recently started babbling more.  He can say “mama” and “dada” (which are great to hear, even if the words don’t have any real meaning to him.)  He will also engage in “conversation,” sometimes even with Grammy over the phone.

Chris just moved David to the big bathtub upstairs.  He was anxious at first, but he quickly warmed up to it and loves it now.  He’ll even crawl up to the spout and put his head under the stream of water when it’s on.  It’s pretty cute.

Burritos, sprinklers, and puppies

Well, David sure had a fun weekend!
We celebrated Cinco de Mayo by trying a new taqueria that was recommended by a friend.  It was definitely more upscale that our tried and true favorite: there were no vinyl table cloths, the counters were made of marble, and I was able to order in English.  The burritos were OK, but … man.. David LOVED it.  There were two TV’s, brightly colored walls, and lots of people.  Chris gave him a plastic cup to play with, and he couldn’t have been happier.  Chris and I haven’t had such a relaxing dinner in … well … 9 months.
Today, we took David to the park, and I had forgotten that they turn on the sprinklers in May.  After crawling around on the grass for a while, David noticed the sprinklers, and there was no stopping him.  He was right in the middle of all of the activity.  One of the fathers even dubbed him “all-terain” … so I guess he has a new nickname.  Add to a few friendly puppies to all of this excitement, and David really had a blast.