Swim lessons and climbing

Yesterday, David had his first swim lesson.  He was nervous at first, but seemed to really enjoy himself by the end.  We did have one scary moment (at least for me) when he crawled off the side of a big float into the deep water all by himself.  Luckily, the teacher had really good reflexes and caught him pretty quickly.  He seemed unphased by it … and even kept reaching for the float afterwards.  You can also see from the video below that he enjoyed running around after the older ladies while waiting for his class to begin.

In addition to swimming, David has really been enjoying climbing.  He even climbed onto the coffee table by himself.  A friend recently called him “a mover and a shaker,” and I have no choice but to agree.


David is toddling all over the place now!  He still looks like he’s drunk sometimes, but he has really improved over the last few weeks.  Now that he’s toddling outside, we bought him his first pair of shoes.  He seems to really like them.

Trying on some new kicks

Cross Country Travels

This week, David went on an adventure across the country.  First, we stopped in Dallas so that David could meet his great-grandmother, in addition to Chris’ Aunt, Uncle and Cousins.  Although it was a short trip, it was great to see everyone, and we really enjoyed their hospitality.

David and Dad on the plane

David and Maw Maw

David and Aunt Debbie

Enjoying some authentic Texas BBQ

Four generations of Verges

After Dallas, we joined our families at the beach in Florida.  David LOVED it!  He enjoyed the water, the sand, the pets, and of course all of the attention from the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We’ll likely be posting more pictures in the future, as we consolidate the pictures from all of the photographers, but in the mean time, here are a few pictures to start.

Enjoying the pool with cousin Bethany

Showing off his new walking skills

Eating watermelon with Paw Paw

Playing with Daisy

Taking advantage of the pet door

Kate and Chris by the bay

Walking on the beach

Playing with cousin Bethany

Drying off after a day at the beach

Going for a walk with Gi Gi and Paw Paw

Just being cute

Enjoying some quality time with Grammy

Playing in the suitcase (… I’m thinking that maybe he wanted to go back!)

The Little Gym and tofu

For the last few months, we’ve been taking David to a class at the Little Gym.  He loves the activities, the other kids, and of course, his teacher Ms. Melissa.  Yesterday was the last day of the semester and his “recital.”  I’m not sure that any of the kids understood, but David really enjoyed showing off his new skills to Dad.  
Just being cute

Balance beam

Bar (Yes, he is holding onto it himself!!)

The class and Ms. Melissa

On Thursday of this week, we took David to our favorite Japanese restaurant.  The owner gave David a bowl of rice and tofu … and he LOVED it!  Chris even commented that he seemed to like tofu better than meat.  Hopefully, this preference for healthy food will continue!

David’s recent activities

Here are a few pics of what David has been up to recently.  As you can see, he’s been very busy!
Helping Mom bake
Riding in the laundry basket

Helping fold the laundry


Climbing on the vacuum

Eating the toilet paper