Tennis balls

David’s new favorite activity is putting tennis balls back in their container.  He’s really good at it.  Plus, I’m thrilled that he’s interested in putting things away, even though he still enjoys making a mess.  He also likes carrying things around.  While it’s cute, it’s quite interesting to find strange items in random places.

Here’s a recent photo from our outing to the park.

Mmmm … sand

Swimming and Target

Today, David and I went swimming at Burgess Park in Menlo Park.  They have a baby pool with a cool mushroom water feature that was recommended by a friend.  David had a great time, and even made friends with some of the other swimmers.  Unfortunately, I was ill-prepared to change David in a wet public restroom.  The germaphobic part of me was so freaked out that I didn’t realize that my shirt was on inside out and backwards until I got home.  If David doesn’t get E. coli, hepatitis, or athlete’s foot over the next week, it will be a miracle.  Next time I think we’ll go on a weekend, so Chris can help with changing David.
David at the pool
Random photo of David at the park

This weekend, we took a family trip to target.  It seems mundane enough, but every outing is an exciting adventure with David.  He had tons of fun playing with Dad and all of the other customers.  He was laughing, cackling, clapping, and smiling.  I tried to get some good photos, but they all turned out blurry because he was moving so fast.


Here’s my first attempt at taking some artsy photos of David.  Last weekend, Chris watched David while I took my first photography class.  It was just an introductory class, but I really enjoyed the time with adults and at least learned some fancy photography terms like “shutter speed” and “aperture.”  Thank you very much, Chris, for giving me some free time!

Talking … well, sort of talking

David is trying really hard to talk.  He says “Da Da,” “Ma Ma,” “na na” (for banana), “bir” (for bird), and something that sounds a lot like “bubble.”  I tried to get a video of him talking, but the one below was the best I could get.  Hopefully, I’ll get some more video soon.  I’ve also included a cute picture of him from after our swim lesson – I think he likes them!

American Idiots

This weekend Chris and I got out of the house without David!  Our friends, Luis and Jennifer, came from San Jose to watch him, and boy did he have a great time!  (Thank you Luis and Jennifer to taking such great care of our little boy!!)  Chris and I met up with our friend, Tet, in San Francisco to watch my friend from high school, Jennifer Bowles, perform in American Idiot the musical.  The musical was fantastic, and Jennifer was phenomenal!  To make the day even more special, Jennifer treated us to a backstage tour that was totally awesome!  (Thank you, Jennifer!!)  In addition to some pics from this weekend, I also included two of David doing his favorite activities: climbing and eating.  He’s a handful, but lots of fun.
Luis prepared for babysitting: note the apron, gloves, safety goggles, ear protection, and strategic positioning on the opposite side of the baby gate
Jennifer backstage after the performance
Jennifer and me backstage after the performance
David devouring a strawberry
David climbing on the dishwasher