First day of preschool

Today was David’s first day of preschool at Little Hands, a co-op preschool in Belmont.  He was supposed to start last week, but he had to stay home because he had a fever.  (Today, I learned that four other children had to stay home last week because of Roseola, too.)  We’re so glad that he was healthy enough to go this week, and he LOVED it!  He spent the whole time running around from activity to activity.  He especially liked the water wall (note his wet jacket below.)  He ran around so much that he fell asleep in his car seat before we pulled out of the parking lot (and before he finished his string cheese.)  

The delinquent blogger

Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated the blog.  It’s been pretty busy for us over the last few weeks … David got three molars at once, which meant several sleepless nights.  Then, he got a virus (fever and rash.)  In addition to all of this, he also got a huge bruise/goosebump on his head and a split lip from the park and gym class.  Even with all of this, we have managed to have some fun recently.  David took his first trip to the California Academy of Sciences thanks to my friends David and Teresa (and their kids Hannah and Oliver.)  We’ve also explored our local parks, took David for a ride on the Caltrain, and even gave him his first Oreo.  (Chris gave him one in the car because he couldn’t even wait until we got home.)   
David at the Cal Academy of Sciences
David’s first ride on the Caltrain

Grocery cart at the park (the favorite toy of the day for all of the kids that day)
Playing in the Burton Park water feature
Enjoying his first Oreo

Aftermath from his first Oreo