Goblins and beer

This weekend we celebrated both Halloween and Oktoberfest.  First, we took David down to Laurel Street for the Goblin Walk.  We had planned to dress David as a fireman in his heavy fireman raincoat and boots.  Unfortunately, it was unseasonably warm (80 degrees.)  We decided David would enjoy the evening more if he went as a jack-o-lantern (electrical tape on one of his t-shirts.)  He really enjoyed seeing the dogs and the firetruck.

On Saturday, we celebrated Oktoberfest by meeting some friends at Teske’s in San Jose.  We had a great time, and David LOVED the food.  We can’t believe how much he ate!  He also enjoyed all of the attention.

In addition to all of the celebrations, we’ve also been enjoying our neighborhood.  David loves to explore and play.  He especially enjoys watching the garbage trucks, airplanes, and trains.  He has also started to explore some of the big kid playground equipment.  

David’s new favorite place

David has been enjoying his mobility.  He’ll bring me his pants and shoes, sign please, and then walk over to the door.  After we get him ready to go, we go for a walk.  Two days ago, he walked over 2/3 of a mile, which is pretty far for the little guy.  The first day we went on a walk, he discovered the post office.  The next day, he discovered the laundromat.  He loves watching the laundry go round and round in the washers and dryers.  Even more exciting – he discovered those big metal baskets.

Some random recent pics

Mmmm … burrito

David sitting in a pot

Sitting in the pot again

Finishing off the ramen

Enjoying the open road (target parking lot)

Demonstrating his new skill: putting sand into the pail!
“Beep beep beep” (the truck backing up sound)