Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Unfortunately, the annual Verges family hike was bumped by a minor plumbing emergency.  Luckily, Chris was able to fix our sink and drains, so now everything works!  We even got to enjoy a yummy turkey dinner in the evening.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to go for a hike this weekend instead.

Rain or shine …

The rainy season has definitely started.  Between the rain and the cold, we’ve had to spend a lot more time inside.  David has still found many ways to have fun, such as …
Playing with Daddy.

Playing at our local toy store. (Can you find David?)
More playing at our local toy store.  (I bet you can can find him now!)
Playing with blocks. (He built that tower all by himself!) 
Playing with forts in our living room.
Hiding inside forts in our living room.
Taking naps (and sometimes waking up happy.)
We try to take advantage of any breaks in the rain by going outside.  We’ve been exploring many of our local parks, and David loves to go for walks around the neighborhood.   Here are a few pics from our recent outdoor adventures.

David at Marlin Park in Redwood Shores
More exploring at Marlin Park.
At the bottom of the slide in Marlin Park.
Enjoying the fall leaves at preschool.
Getting ready to go outside – he picked out his own clothes and even insisted on wearing his rain boots.
In other news, David finally figured out how to get to the stuff in his playpen.  We had been using it as a place to store all the stuff he shouldn’t have.  So, we took a trip to Ikea and bought a new bookcase/cabinet thing.  David loved riding around on the cart at Ikea and helping Chris put the bookcases together.  

Happy 15 months, David!

David’s 15 month check up was today.  The doctor said that he’s doing very well.  He’s growing very quickly and really starting to communicate.  He signs ~30 words and speaks ~10 more.  He loves all forms of transportation: cars, planes, trains, and especially garbage trucks.  His favorite restaurant is our local taqueria where he enjoys eating pico de gallo and watching soccer.  He especially likes it when the announcer yells, “gooooooooooooal,” which David thinks is a gorilla sound.  He then excitedly says “lolilla,” and starts pounding on his chest.  Apparently, I’ve also inadvertently taught him that the proper response to any fart or burp or fart-like sound is to cover his mouth with his hand and giggle.  And, since no blog posting would be complete without pictures …