Yesterday, David tried his first soccer class.  He had a ton of fun … although he especially liked that Chris came, too.  To make the day even more exciting, David and I rode the Caltrain home from Millbrae.

soccer1 soccer2 soccer3 soccer5 soccer6

San Carlos Hometown Days

David was in his first parade today!  We walked with our preschool (Little Hands) in the San Carlos Hometown Days Parade.  David seemed to have a good time.  He especially liked the police motorcycles.

IMG_3795 1 image (2) IMG_38042 IMG_3798

After the parade, we went to the toddler section.  David got to ride a train and a ferris wheel, and even got to play in the petting zoo.

IMG_3832 IMG_3827 IMG_3819 IMG_3814

Although David seem to enjoy the big festival, his two favorite parts where (1) the construction zone across the street and (2) the grills that they were using to cook hamburgers.  He went crazy when he saw both of these.

IMG_3811 IMG_3810

In addition to the busy day we’ve had today, David has been enjoying climbing … climbing, climbing, and climbing.  He has started to climb up and over the fence at the playground, so he climbs out of the tot lot, then runs.  Also, he can pretty much climb out of his crib, so we’ll need to figure out a solution soon.

IMG_3781 IMG_3791

David has also been riding his “mo mo” (aka motorcycle) a lot.  He goes really fast and says “weee weee weee” the whole time he’s riding it.  (Thank you, Georgia, for giving it to us!)

IMG_3750 IMG_3727

And here’s a cute pic of David and Chris just because …



Woohoo for warm weather!

Last week, we had some incredibly warm weather.  We took advantage of it by going to the beach up in San Francisco and swimming in a friend’s pool.  We didn’t get any pictures of the pool, but you can see from the pictures of the beach that David LOVED it.  He didn’t stop giggling the whole time.  David liked the pool just as much … and I was surprised that he was so comfortable with the water.  The little daredevil especially liked jumping off of the side of the pool.

Unfortunately, it’s gotten colder, but we’ve still been having fun … David has been enjoying climbing, climbing, and climbing … and riding his new motorcycle/bike.  I’ll try to post some pictures soon.

IMG_3657 IMG_3697 IMG_3656

IMG_3659 IMG_3660

IMG_3661 IMG_3674

IMG_3677 IMG_3681

IMG_3682 IMG_3687

IMG_3691 IMG_3700

IMG_3694 IMG_3703

A random hodgepodge of pictures

Admittedly, I’ve been a little lax when it comes to blogging.  Here are a few photos I just downloaded from my iPhone from the last few months.

Climbing the ladder to the big slide with Daddy

Eating chocolate frozen yogurt in the backpack (maybe not my brightest idea)

Jogging with Mommy

Playing trains with Daddy

Lining up all of the trucks in the sandbox

Eating bananas and spaghetti sauce

Wearing construction hats

Putting down the sprinklers

Looking at a window display in San Francisco

Hanging out up in SF

More hanging out in SF

Walking by the bay

Hanging out at PetSmart

Going on a date with Mom and Dad at Town (and eating chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream)

Going down the slide with Daddy

Playing with other kids’ toys in the sandbox

Playing in our neighbors’ sprinklers

Running away from Mom and Dad at Laurelwood ParkIMG_3362