Happy Vacation, Chris!

Chris took a few days off of work to play with David.  We’ve had a busy week, but we had a lot of fun, too.  We really enjoyed having Chris around!  We went to the end of the year picnic for David’s preschool, played t-ball, went to David’s “recital” at the Little Gym, went to Happy Hollow, joined friends for burritos and Hot Harvest Nights, went to the beach, had friends over for brunch, and met friends over at Kennedy Park.  While I’m sure Chris enjoyed his time off of work, I have a feeling there might be part of him that is looking forward to going back.

End of the year picnic at Little Hands

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End of the year “recital” at Little Gym

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Happy Hollow

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Hiller Aviation Museum

Yesterday, David and I went to the Hiller Aviation Museum, which is right here in San Carlos.  David loved seeing all of the planes and especially enjoyed watching the planes that were taking off and landing at the San Carlos Airport next door.  He very quickly learned the term “plane take off” and kept talking about it for the rest of the day.

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