“No pictures, Mommy”

Ahh, recently, it’s been very difficult to get good pictures of David.  He’s really mastered saying, “No pictures, Mommy,” and waving his hands in front of his face.  As such, almost all of the pictures I have taken recently look like the following:


We have gotten a couple of reasonable shots, and please don’t let the lack of pictures fool you – David is still very active and adventurous little guy who is always up to something.  He recently got a hair cut and sat on the frog all by himself for the very first time.  He did great and even listened to directions.

photo5 photo6

David is really into fishing.  We’ve been reading a lot of books about fishing, and he pretends to fish all the time.  Here’s a picture of him fishing in the creek.


David LOVES train tracks.  Every day we create a new train track, and he’s been getting really good at putting them together.  Here’s an example of a train track design that he put together all by himself.


Some other recent activies include reading with Daddy:


Eating dinner with friends:


Swinging in the park:


Giving Mommy a foot rub:


“Building a campfire”:


Playing at the park with Daddy: