Last week, David and I visited family in Georgia.  We had a wonderful time, and David really enjoyed all of the attention.  He got to sing with his cousins, go for walks in the woods, ride in a horse drawn carriage, throw rocks in the lake, fish, drive a tractor, play with bubbles, and playing with Grandpa Don’s trains.  We were really lucky that we got to see David’s cousins, Aunts, and Uncles (except for Uncle Jesse, unfortunately.)  Thank you very much to everyone who generously helped us on this adventure!IMG_6401 IMG_6422 IMG_6432 IMG_6433 IMG_6434 IMG_6441 IMG_6446 IMG_6460 IMG_6468 IMG_6474 IMG_6480 IMG_6482 IMG_6492 IMG_6503 IMG_6509 IMG_6605IMG_6517 IMG_6520 IMG_6524 IMG_6527 IMG_6533 IMG_6552 IMG_6556 IMG_6564 IMG_6580 IMG_6596  IMG_6615 IMG_6616