5% Goal!

At this morning’s WW meeting, the scale read 190.2 — for a total of 10 lbs. of weight loss in a month and a half! That means I’ve lost 5% of my starting weight (201 lbs).

I’m still trying to decide what my goal weight should be.  The book’s “healthy weight range” is between a BMI of 20 and 25.  I’m currently at 24.4 with today’s weigh-in.  I think I’d like to split the range and focus on 23 as my target BMI; this translates to a weight of 185 lbs for the upper limit (23.8) and 180 lbs for the lower limit (23.1).

Only 5 pounds to go until I start on maintenance!

Nine pounds down

After finishing SJSU last month, I decided to work off the twenty pounds that I gained while in school.  Sadly, I hit the dreaded number that I had never hit before — 200.  That was the final straw.

Now, one month and five Weight Watchers meetings later, I’m now down almost ten pounds, with about five to ten left.  Half-way there!