WFR Patch

Ordering Info

To order, please e-mail your order request to Include your name, shipping address, and number of patches you would like to order. Each patch costs $1.50. Shipping within the United States is a flat rate of $1.00 for 5 or less patches, $6.00 for 6 to 25 patches, or $12.00 for more than 25 patches. Shipping outside the United States will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Description and History

Wilderness First Responders provide critical care during emergency situations in non-urban areas. Receiving 80 hours of training, these volunteers are skilled at handling the multitude of medical emergencies that might be encountered while enjoying the wilderness.

Based on input from many in the WFR community, we have designed a patch that can be sewn onto clothing or equipment.  The patch design has been released to the public under the Creative Commons License (Share Alike 3.0) license. It is based on the Star of Life, developed by Leo R. Schwartz, with a backpacker replacing the traditional Rod of Asclepius.

Patches are available for purchase. The manufacturing cost of each patch is $1.50, which is passed directly to the WFR community at no mark-up.

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